About Us

Dr. Janice Dicks and Dr. Holly Whyte are the founding psychologists of YEG Psychology. Dr. Dicks and Dr. Whyte met during the first year of their doctoral program in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta. They took almost all of the same classes and by the third year of the program, they became the best of friends. It was through sharing many similar personal and academic experiences that a foundation for not only a friendship but future colleagues emerged.

Dr. Dicks and Dr. Whyte graduated together in the fall of 2014. Also, in the fall of 2014, they commenced working together on a traumatic injury program at a rehabilitation centre . Their success in working together at the rehabilitation facility fostered a vision between them of one day working together in private practice.

In the spring of 2017, their vision became reality when Dr. Dicks and Dr. Whyte made the decision to start private practice together. They have enjoyed every minute of setting up and learning about private practice. In January 2018, with a growing number of referrals over the past year, Ms. Krista Bruyer joined their team. Most recently, in January 2019, they were pleased to welcome Dr. Jasmine Bajwa to their team.

At YEG Psychology, the psychologists have an excellent working relationship whereby they are happy to refer clients to one another, provide coverage in one another’s absence when needed, and (with a client’s written consent) consult on difficult cases. They share the office space and take pride in it being a safe and comfortable environment for themselves and, most importantly, for their clients.


Our Team

Dr. Janice Dicks  Dr. Holly Whyte  Dr. Jasmine Bajwa Ms. Krista Bruyer 

Our Services

Individual Counselling  Couples Counselling Assessment

Our Logo

Cherry blossoms symbolize the beginning of spring; a time of renewal, optimism, and hope that the future is bursting with possibilities. Uniquely, cherry blossoms bloom for only a short amount of time before the blooms begin to fall. This short season of the cherry blooms represent the timeless metaphor for human existence. This metaphor is tied to the theme of mindfulness—the practiced ability to live in the present. The life cycle of these flowers remind us to pay attention to the living, breathing world around us and that many things in life are fleeting, including our joys and struggles.

Represented through our logo, at YEG Psychology we believe that the symbolism associated with cherry blossoms is reflected in our therapeutic change process and philosophy. Despite challenging situations we may face in life, we are reminded that these are passing moments and as we start to grow and “blossom” we are embarking on a journey of renewal and hope. We must try to slow down, pay attention, and be mindful of all of the changes that exist within ourselves as our future is filled with endless possibilities.